I’m fortunate to be a member of two critique groups.  The people in these groups have helped me tremendously with suggestions ranging from simple line edits to such major changes as deleting whole scenes, adding whole new chapters, and telling some of the story from a different POV.  Three of these fellow writers have websites of their own, which are listed below.

Chris Rogers is the best-selling author of the Dixie Flannigan mystery series.  She recently published a comprehensive instruction manual for writers and is currently working on a new mystery series and on the narrative non-fiction story of a former Penthouse Pet.  Her website is:
Stacey Keith, at age 19, published the best-selling, how-to book titled “Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed.”  She recently finished an eye-opening account of life in the skin trade.  She also writes steamy romance and quirky, humorous thrillers.  Her website is:

Rodney Walther writes emotion-packed stories about dysfunctional families and ultimate redemption.  He has just published “Broken Laces,” in which Little League baseball plays a catalytic role.  His website is:

Another of my critique partners is Vanessa Leggett, an award-winning true-crime writer who became a national cause célèbre when she suffered six months in jail for refusing to divulge her sources to the FBI.  She hopes the book on her battle with a murder-for-hire suspect and the federal government will be published in 2013, when that suspect is expected to finally face justice for the murder of his wife.  Vanessa does not have a website, but you can read a few of her articles here: