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Perfume bottlesSee what top perfume blogs say about Aphrodesia. Link to interviews with John. Read about such things as the smell of space, the smell of disease, and a product that may be a true aphrodisiac. https://www.facebook.com/AphrodesiaANovelOfSuspense?fref=ts/

The Facebook page contains posts that elaborate on topics only touched on in Aphrodesia.  These include the fragrance called Vulva, the perfume called Virtue, and the set of scents designed for wine lovers called Le Nez du Vin.  There’s a post about a beachcomber in the UK who recently stumbled across a lump of ambergris valued at $68,000.  There’s an interview with me about my favorite perfume books, illustrated with photos. There are more images of ISIPCA, announcements of drawings to receive free Kindle downloads of Aphrodesia, and an ever-growing list of “much more.”

I encourage you to visit the page and hope you will choose to “Like” it.


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