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Tepui Audiobook

Tepui is now available as an audiobook.  Here is a link:


A visual tour through the making of Aphrodesia — ISIPCA

Perfume bottles

Aphrodesia begins at ISIPCA, the world-famous perfume school in Versailles.  In the satellite view below (from Google Earth), the two chateaux are just to the left of center.  The laboratory wing is the building with the flat, gray roof.  The …


Aphrodesia on Facebook

Perfume bottles

See what top perfume blogs say about Aphrodesia. Link to interviews with John. Read about such things as the smell of space, the smell of disease, and a product that may be a true aphrodisiac.


Who was Queen Tiye?

Inside the history of Papyrus

In Papyrus, I describe Tiye as a Nubian commoner who married Amenhotep III, and I describe Tutankhamun as the last of their four known sons. Both of these portrayals are somewhat controversial. I’ll take up the Tutankhamun issue in another post. Here, I briefly discuss Tiye.


Origin of Aphrodesia

Perfume bottles

The basic ideas for Aphrodesia came slowly over many years. My first story notes date from 2007, but I first became interested in perfumes more than a decade earlier.


Origin of Tepui

A Tepui

The ideas for Tepui came to me in 1999 when I was working in Venezuela. I liked the country so much that I asked my wife to join me there for a few weeks of vacation. One of the places we stayed was in Canaima National Park, a huge preserve that includes much of the “tepui country.”


Origin of Papyrus

Egyptian Museum

The original idea for Papyrus came to me one afternoon in 1983 when I was wandering through some of the less-glamorous exhibits in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum and spotted a potential way for thieves to break in.


Podcast Interview with David Allen


In November, 2010, I gave a podcast interview about writing — the craft in general, how I do it, some of my stories. You can listen to the podcast at: