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Great perfumes have always had one purpose — to seduce. Today, as in the past, a true aphrodisiac is the Holy Grail of the perfumer’s art. Eric Foster, a student at the top perfume school in France, creates a scent based on the fragrance the Queen of Sheba wore to seduce King Solomon. The result is an aphrodisiac of astonishing potency. When he tests it …


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Rika Teferi, a former soldier in Eritrea’s war for independence, is working on her doctorate in the Cairo Museum when an accidental tea spill uncovers hidden writing on a papyrus written by Queen Tiye to her youngest son, Tutankhamun. Horrified at the spill but aching to read the entire secret text, Rika agrees to let ...


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In 1559, forty-nine Spaniards exploring a tributary of the Orinoco River reached a sheer-sided, cloud-capped mountain called Tepui Zupay. When they tried to climb it, all but six of them were slaughtered by Amazons. Or so claimed Friar Sylvestre, the expedition’s chronicler. But Sylvestre made many bizarre claims ...